Monday, 15 August 2011

so who am i?

Welcome to my blog, where i will sporadically discuss the often mundane but usually quirky things that happen in my life, living with my lovely husband Sparky, our son The Live-wire, and our to chaotic poodles Champy and Knucklehead.

Why is my blog called Just Ten Pages? Well after I had The Live-wire, time spent reading seemed an absolutely luxury, to the point where i would buy books i never got time to read. This year i started a new year's resolution, just read ten pages a day! that's it. and now i frequently find my self reading more than ten pages, and often not quite making the ten pages at all, but the incentive is there. I also started a haphazard bookclub with the mum's from my mothers group, "the first thursday book and b@#*h club", which basically means we spend 15 minutes discussing the book, 30 minutes discussing why we haven't read the book, and 2 hours drinking and catching up, which is all we really wanted to do anyway!

So this Blog will review the books i am reading, for bookclub, for myself and to the Live-wire, as well as detailing things that have got in the way of my reading, fun photo's and it will hopefully keep someone amused.

Enjoy, and happy reading
Inner Kitty

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