Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend with Manflu

I have been working my tail off the last few weeks, all the while battling the worst sinus infection of my life, (acquired from the Live Wire courtesy of "Daycare Germs"). But nothing gets in the way of raising The Live Wire, two poodles and Sparky. Unfortunately now Sparky has got it and it is now full-blown MANFLU!!!!! You know the symptoms, exactly the same as yours but 100 times worse because he has them! Now all he wants to do is rest and be pampered while I battle on with my third dose of antibiotics. To make it worse, Sparky decided to make a pilgrimage to Ikea (or the seventh circle of HELL!) on the weekend to purchase a chair for the Live Wire. Of course it wasn't available but it took 30 minutes just to park, 30 minutes to get through the rat maze that is the Ikea floorplan, and 20 minutes standing in a queue, only to be told to come back another time to go through the same nightmare. And even then, I still have to go to a further location to pick it up, do they think I am made of time, patience and Eternal Optimism!!!

Yesterday afternoon, as I offered Sparky a cup of tea (I may or may not have licked his cup as revenge for the last few weeks of lack of sympathy!) I received a woeful reply of yes, along with a barked order of "more cake" from the Live Wire. Four faces turned to me optimistcally (yes even Champy and Knucklehead got excited by the possibility) and I strode off to the kitchen to fullfil my commands. (I may have licked the cake too!)

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